In Loving Memory of Felix Cohen

Newark Symphony Orchestra sadly shares our principal bassist Felix Cohen passed suddenly on Friday, May 26th, 2017.  Our extended music community lost a dear, dedicated, and enthusiastic musician and friend.  We are truly heartbroken.

We’re honored we’ll remember Felix’s last Newark Symphony May 14th concert leading his bass section, as they heroically and passionately played Beethoven’s 9th symphony, especially its 4th Movement.

NSO will share details when available for Felix family service, and our own plans to honor him.

“I loved him dearly.  His positive attitude, smart comments were so welcomed. He helped me and NSO in so many ways.  His presence in so many music events, his joyful training of youth and support of colleagues made him a central music figure in a very extended area.  We thank you Felix for the wonderful things you shared with us.” — Maestro Simeone Tartaglione, NSO Music Director



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5 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Felix Cohen

  1. Anna Montejo

    I was traveling with my husband and kids when contacted on Saturday. Felix, they all know. My teenage son Leo, a bassist, has shared a stand with him and has been coached by him. As my 10-year-old daughter Ruby said, “I can’t imagine not seeing Felix at your concerts.” And she’s referring to more than NSO concerts. We’re only a small example as I anticipate many will share their stories and related experiences with Felix.

    Felix, former lawyer, contributed to NSO on so many levels. As a musician, he had a knack for networking. So many of us can say “Thank You Felix” for our music opportunities like working with music director Dion LeMon.

    Please keep the Cohen family in your prayers. They will not have an immediate service, and plan for later in summer. We will share any family details, and NSO future plans to honor Felix.

    With heavy heart,

    Anna Montejo
    NSO President

  2. Michelle Webb

    I’m absolutely shocked! He was such a huge presence in our orchestra, musically as well as personality wise. I can’t imagine NSO without him! He played with WCO, too. There aren’t words….

  3. Niki Purdy

    My favorite memory of Felix A. Cohen was the day he waltzed into rehearsal in acid wash jeans, a pink polo shirt, and Birkenstocks. I commented (of course) on the pinkness of the (very) pink shirt, to which he gleefully replied he was having a grandson. The last two years of Felix’s life were spent loving his grandson Charlie. I too love Charlie because every Tuesday night there were new photos and videos of that darling little boy that got passed down our section (sometimes even all the way into lower brass). Felix adored his grandson, who’s birth brought a new joy to his life.

    Felix was a doting grandfather to Charlie and a loving husband to his wife Nancy, who recently beat cancer. He was an avid gardener and collector of records. We all know him as a passionate musician and an exceptional friend. I personally would not be where I am today in my musical career were it not for Felix’s support.

    While we mourn the loss of our colleague in this life, if we continue on in a tradition of dedication to our music making and with love and support of our friends, Felix will never leave us or our orchestra.

    Thank you Felix for everything you have done for this community and it’s people. And thank you for being my friend and principal for half a decade.

    With love to all,
    Niki Purdy

  4. Bob Colligan

    Thank you Niki for sharing that with us, I’m very thankful that I knew Felix and was honored to play in the bass section with him. He knew every piece of music and he was always prepared. He will be profoundly missed. I pray for peace and consolation for us all, during this sad time,

    Your friend,
    Colligan Bob (Felix called me Colligan Bob)

  5. Janice Mahan

    Felix and I worked not only together in the Newark Symphony, but many musicals in the area. His dedication and positive outlook was, for lack of a better word, contagious. I’ll miss him standing behind me at our performances. It’s very true that the good die young.

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